Our Learning Community

Our Learning Community

Let me Breakthrough

Breakthrough Zone (transition to School)

Our Breakthrough Programme is an exciting time for your child as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning.  Breakthrough Kids supports your child’s individual approaches to learning through creativity expression in our Breakthrough Zone while teaching them skills and inspiring the independence and self-confidence they will need to be successful at school. Our great relationship with the local primary schools plays a big role in achieving this and alongside your aspirations, we will all work together to form and understand common leaning goals and outcomes for your child.

Let me Discover

Discovery Centre

Our Discovery Centre works alongside our little discoverers to further support learning through sensory experiences that enhance cognitive, language, motor and social skills and a freedom to explore these concepts in the context of the wider world in our very own ‘mini world’ environment. It provides opportunities for your child to engage in movement with music, pretend play, fine and large motor skills to develop an awareness of their bodies and a wide variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate to stimulate early literacy and numeracy concepts.  Teachers are competent at modelling appropriate social behaviours and allowing children the space to discover themselves as individual learners. Children within the Discovery Centre are encouraged to extend their independence and will gradually take on more responsibility for their daily routine as they progress through the age groups.

Let me Experience

Little Discoverers

Located within the Discovery Centre, our Little Discoverers programme allows our Team to provide children with a supportive environment that empowers them and allows them to feel accepted as they grow. As children attending WanaExcel reach the age of 2 years they are ready to make the transition into a more diverse environment that provides a greater range of challenges and caters to an ever-expanding enthusiasm to learn.  This transition marks one of the greatest leaps of change experienced by a child and their Whanau throughout their education. Our Little Discoverers lounge has been created to best support and nurture our toddlers as they develop and extend skills of communication, toileting, self-regulation and independence.

Let me Explore

Woodlands Exploration Lounge

Our Exploration lounge caters to our infant children and provides a safe, secure, home-style environment where your baby can learn, play and grow.  We develop a nurturing, creative programme to support every child’s unique patterns for development, feeding and sleeping in conjunction with your wishes. Our experienced staff use these patterns as a guide to introduce a comforting environment to stimulate your child’s curiosity and imagination. We are committed to making the first transition away from home smooth and natural for families and their babies.

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