Extra Curricular Activities


Available to 3 & 4yr olds

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of swimming, hosted at the Wanaka Recreation Centre. Our exclusive WanaExcel swim programme will help your little one discover the water independently and enjoy the water safely. Spending time in the water among friends allows them opportunity to challenge themselves physically and gain confidence in the water (Te Whāriki).

Our swim lessons teach:

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Repeated submersions with bubbles
  • Assisted rotation front to back
  • Assisted relaxed flotation on back
  • Unassisted flotation on front and regain to standing position
  • Unassisted back float without support for 5 seconds
  • Push and glide front/back
  • Unassisted rotation/both directions/turn over
  • Push glide freestyle kick 5m
  • Assisted breast stroke/simultaneous kicking action 5m

Breakthrough in Nature

Available to 4yr olds

Breakthrough in Nature is a programme designed specifically for our Breakthrough children, held at Station Park in the heart of nature. Experiencing the sights, scents, sounds and textures of the outdoor environment and developing our gross motor skills by climbing, jumping, running and rolling down hills; our time is spent among the trees providing plentiful learning opportunities, teaching a respect for our earth and how we can take care of it. Te Whāriki promotes these learning experiences with goals and learning outcome expectations for children to ‘develop working theories for making sense of the natural world’ and having a ‘sense of responsibility for the living world and knowledge about how to care for it’.

Mini Humans 2.0

Available to 3 & 4yr olds

Mini Humans is our sport and movement programme taught in a fun-filled, energetic environment where children can utilise and develop their gross motor skills, balance, aim, direction and spacial awareness. By supporting confidence in group settings and challenging them physically, the children’s sense of physical wellbeing is nurtured and they are able to ‘gain confidence in and control of their bodies’ (Te Whāriki)


Available to 3 & 4yr olds

Everyone loves to dance! Feeling rhythm, moving to the music and being expressive is something to be treasured and nurtured. Many personal benefits are derived from learning to dance including offering an outlet of creative expression, developing confidence, burning energy, encouraging self-discipline and providing an array of physical benefits in areas of fitness, strength and posture. Dance with Ms Thomas helps our tamariki develop ‘control over their bodies including locomotor and movement skills, agility and balance’ (Te Whāriki).

Nana’s and Poppa’s

Available to 4yr olds

Our Nana’s and Poppa’s programme is a firm favourite at WanaExcel, where once a fortnight the 4yr olds head off in our excursion van to see the Nanas and Poppas at Wanaka Retirement Village. They spend quality time completing puzzles, reading books, singing songs and engaging in activities to aid dexterity, confirming their sense of identity as they interact and engage with the elderly in our community. This supports our tamariki to make connections between people, places and things in our world, demonstrate an ability and inclination to share interests and grow in their understanding and respect for the elder people of our community and how vital their knowledge and contribution is.

This excursion offers a vital aspect of the Mauri (essence) at WanaExcel as it encourages ‘connecting links with the wider world’ (Te Whāriki).

Tour de friends

Available to 3yr olds

The newest addition to our extensive Extra-curricular programme is our ‘Tour de Friends’ bike riding club for 3yr olds. With our shiny new Mocka balance bikes we head off to Domini Park and participate in a challenging race track, learning all about balance and steering, a skill that is frequently relied upon among the youth of Wanaka. This excursion promotes confidence and allows our children opportunity to ‘develop control over their bodies, move confidently and challenge themselves physically’ (Te Whāriki).

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