WanaExcel's Story

With over thirty years’ experience in all areas of Education and Care, and our children enthusiastic to pass on their experiences to our younger generation, WanaExcel has been created as a place where every single child and family feel they are important and valuable to our programme.

Sharyn & Murray

“My husband and I created our first Centre over twenty years ago because we wanted to provide our own children something above and beyond what was on offer elsewhere; where children would be provided with opportunities to thrive in inspiring, educational environments. We wanted children to tumble out of their parent’s cars every morning in expectation of what each new day would bring.”


“Growing up in a family involved in all aspects of education, I have been constantly surrounded by people of all ages, from all walks of life. Taking time to interact with people; learning about their lives, listening to their lessons, and understanding what they wish to achieve is a concept that has been taught to me from day one and is something that has had a substantial influence on my approach to education.”


“Being totally immersed in my family’s style of education since I was eighteen months old has taught me the value of determination, respect for others, a strong work ethic and a love of learning. Energy, innovation, expectation and passion are concepts that I bring to the WanaExcel experience. The creation of WanaExcel is made up from the life lessons and learning environment I had the privilege of growing up with, and I can’t wait to extend this unique experience to more children and families.”

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