Extra Curricular

Extensive excursion options are a popular feature of our programme at WanaExcel. These excursions create opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities that children are often otherwise unable to attend outside of WanaExcel due to limited availability or working commitments of our parents and whanau.

Exclusive to 4yr olds

Breakthrough In Nature

Breakthrough in Nature is a programme designed specifically for our Breakthrough children at WanaExcel B4 School, and is held in the heart of nature. Your child will experience the sights, scents, sounds and textures of Wanaka’s famous outdoor environment and develop gross motor skills by climbing, jumping, running, rolling down hills and much more. Being one with nature provides plentiful learning opportunities, teaching a respect for our earth and how we can take care of it. Our curriculum promotes these learning experiences with goals and learning outcome expectations for children to ‘develop working theories for making sense of the natural world’ and having a ‘sense of responsibility for the living world and knowledge about how to care for it’.

Exclusive to 4yr olds


Held at Aspiring Gymsports Wanaka, Wana-Tumble is a private gymnastics class tailored to suit and challenge our four-year-old children. This program helps children develop physical skills and gain confidence that can be transferred to any sporting code. All activities in this program are designed based on skill development for each of the gymnastic codes offered by Gymnastics New Zealand-Tumbling, Parkour, Rhythmic, Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolining and Aerobics. Children work towards accomplishing individual skills and receive a record of achievement in the form of a certificate at the end of the term.

Exclusive to 4yr olds


Wana-Pony-Ride is our very own pony riding experience held at Waterfall Equestrian near Waterfall Creek. Children enjoy; pony care, riding lessons in the arena, mounted and unmounted learning games and gaining of confidence, safety and familiarity around ponies as a part of this program.

Waterfall Equestrian is all about having fun. Carol has a lifetime of knowledge on horses and loves to share it with her clients. Her patient manner with horses and people works extremely well with her teaching methods. Carol has experience in both competitive and non-competitive environments, providing positive experiences for those who have never even been on a horse before. Children can feel at ease gaining confidence and equestrian skills inside the safety of our arena.

Exclusive to 4yr olds


Teaming up with Cardrona Ski School, we are excited to offer Ski Lessons specifically designed for our Breakthrough children! These lessons are provided in a supportive, fun environment with a focus on safety and learning skills needed to become a confident skier. Previous ski experience is not required, and all levels are welcome. Children begin on ‘Little Franks’ little carpet and as they demonstrate readiness they can progress to the chairlifts and ski the full mountain.

This excursion is unique to our area and provides children an opportunity to embrace the wonderful winter we have here in Wanaka. Boosting confidence, improving balance and coordination, learning from mistakes are just a few of the many benefits that can be gained while learning to ski.

Available to 3 & 4yr olds

Little Dippers - Swimming Lessons

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of swimming, hosted at the Wanaka Recreation Centre. Our exclusive WanaExcel swim programme will help your little one discover the water independently and enjoy the water safely, with trained, professional swim school instructors. Spending time in the water among friends allows them opportunity to challenge themselves physically and gain confidence in the water.

Exclusive to 3yr olds


Everyone loves to dance! Feeling rhythm, moving to the music and being expressive is something to be treasured and nurtured. Many personal benefits are derived from learning to dance including offering an outlet of creative expression, developing confidence, burning energy, encouraging self-discipline, and providing an array of physical benefits in areas of fitness, strength, and posture. Music and movement experienced through dance helps our tamariki develop control over their bodies including locomotor and movement skills, agility, and balance.

Exclusive to 3yr olds

Tour de friends

‘Tour de Friends’ is a bike riding club for our 3yr olds. With our balance bikes, we head off to Domini Park (located right next door to WanaExcel ELC) and participate in a challenging racetrack, learning all about balance and steering, a skill that is frequently relied upon among the people of Wanaka. This excursion promotes confidence and will allow your child the opportunity to develop control over their bodies, move confidently and challenge themselves physically.

Exclusive to 3yr olds

High Five Fitness

High Five Fitness is our sport and movement programme taught in a fun-filled, energetic environment where your child can utilise and develop their gross motor skills, balance, aim, direction and spacial awareness. By supporting confidence in group settings and challenging them physically, a child’s sense of physical wellbeing is nurtured while they gain confidence in controlling their bodies and learn to work as a team.