Why us

WanaExcel differentiates itself from its competitors by combining unique, innovative, state-of-the-art environments, optimum child : teacher ratios, highly qualified, hand-picked teaching teams, extensive curriculum planning and development and vast excursion program's to create an ECE service that is unmatched by others in the country. 

Why us?

Here are a few reasons why WanaExcel is unique

WanaExcel understands that each child encompasses diverse opportunity and capacity and is born with a naturally occurring enthusiasm to learn

'Play to your strengths' is a frequently used saying in our family and is the way we approach education at WanaExcel. Everyone is unique, and therefore possess a different combination of skills that are best suited to different careers, leading to different versions of success. Not everyone’s strengths are suited to becoming a lawyer or a doctor for example, but as history has taught us, you do not need to be an academic to achieve success in life.

About Us
WanaExcel designs and implements an educational culture that maximises enthusiasm, values and promotes diversity

This allows each child’s individual capacity to be exercised and emphasises the learning of fundamental skills that are required to be successful in today's world - We must prioritise how each child is intelligent over how intelligent each child is in order to educate them in a manner that helps them realise their strengths and help them to reach the version of success that is best for them.

WanaExcel creates a working environment that attracts a top-quality teaching team who share the ethos of the brand..

We're passionate about achieving excellence and motivated to excel in the industry - Our Teaching Team at WanaExcel is hand-picked to meet the ongoing requirements of our client expectations with varied expertise, qualifications and experience in all aspects of education.  WanaExcel values our teams diverse skills and dedication to the profession and supports their ongoing knowledge with professional development opportunities and dedicated onsite mentorship to keep abreast of current theories and practices. Together, their passion and commitment to working as a team provides the best possible learning and developmental outcomes for our children. Directors at WanaExcel are fully committed to the recruitment of a top-quality teaching team.

WanaExcel delivers a knowledge-rich curriculum in conjunction with effective teaching that is continuously developed and refined to meet advancing educational demand

WanaExcel values our team’s input and dedication to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in early education. Nothing is spared when it comes to the creativity and development of our learning environments when catering to the individual needs of our children.

Our effective curriculum is achieved by:

  • Running premium staffing ratios
  • Employing specialist staff
  • Investing in quality resources
  • Maximising our unique, state-of-the-art environments
  • Making and actioning decisions quickly
WanaExcel matches high quality education with unrivalled service to create an ECE service that is in high demand to those who value, and are prepared to invest in their children's early education

At WanaExcel, EVERYTHING MATTERS! Our exceptional customer service is achievable by understanding the expectations of our families and our commitment to meeting them. Strong relationships are developed and maintained with the recognition of parents as first teachers as we all work together to achieve common goals. Over the past 7 years, WanaExcel has developed and refined our service to best meet the shifting needs of the expanding Wanaka community. We believe this commitment and our motivation to maximise opportunities which challenge the status quo puts us at the forefront of superior ECE in NZ.

About Us
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