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Sharyn & Murray

"My husband and I created our first Centre over 30 years ago because we wanted to provide our own children something above and beyond what was on offer elsewhere; where children would be provided with opportunities to thrive in inspiring, educational environments. We wanted children to tumble out of their parent’s cars every morning in expectation of what each new day would bring. With over 40 years’ experience in all areas of Education and Care, and our children enthusiastic to pass on their experiences to our younger generation, WanaExcel was created as a place where every single child and family feel they are important and valuable to our programme. Everyone has the power to achieve great things if they are given the right circumstances, the right time, and the right space to do so. We look forward to working alongside your family at WanaExcel."

Josh Thomas

“I am excited to have joined forces with my family to help create an educational environment that will provide others with the opportunities that I was privileged enough to have growing up, and assist children in Wanaka in reaching their greatest potential. I believe that early education plays a huge role in establishing a love for learning through an individual’s life and creating a foundation for them to build from as their learning journey continues. I am a strong believer in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in early education, and working hard to create pathways that best serve the upcoming generations in the challenges they may face, rather than following those paved before us because it is the easiest option. I am excited to see what WanaExcel is able to achieve in our ongoing pursuit of excellence in the ECE industry.”

Jordanah Cullen

"Being totally immersed in my family’s style of education since I was eighteen months old has taught me the value of determination, respect for others, a strong work ethic and a love of learning. Energy, innovation, expectation and passion are concepts that I bring to the WanaExcel experience. The creation of WanaExcel is made up from the life lessons and learning environment I had the privilege of growing up with, and I can’t wait to extend this unique experience to more children and families. My husband Joel and I welcomed our son Jaycah in 2022, to the WanaExcel family. I’ve now experienced the flip side of the coin, going from the operations/teaching side of WanaExcel to becoming a parent and I couldn’t be happier with the mix of WanaExcel life and Parenthood."

Specialist Teachers

At WanaExcel we embrace the experience and enthusiasm brought to Wanaka by travelling teachers from all over the world. Instead of letting these talented teachers pass by, we like to make the most of their skills by adapting our programmes to incorporate the learning experiences they bring with them to WanaExcel. This aligns perfectly with our mission to create and constantly refine an educational culture that values and promotes diversity in learning and maximises each child’s natural enthusiasm to learn.

Engtech Engineering

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WanaExcel is a growing entity with lots of opportunities for expansion in many different areas…

If you are a team player, honest, highly motivated to make a difference and hold a qualification or skill you feel may fit our model - then there may be an opportunity for you to join our great team! We are aiming for the best and we would love to hear how your personality and skills could help us achieve this goal.
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