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Proudly family owned and locally operated

Education & Childcare in Wanaka

Hidden in the heart of Wanaka, educational environments like you've never seen before!

WanaExcel now has 2 locations catering to children 3 months - 6 years
just a stones throw away from one another

3 months - 3 years

Providing a smooth transition away from home, and developing early social and learning skills.

4 to 6 years

Providing children with the ability to explore, discover, experience and transition as successful learners into 'Big School'

About WanaExcel

WanaExcel is a leading edge concept in early childhood education...

Where meaningful learning and care are our utmost priority. We are committed to making each child's transition into ECE as smooth and natural as possible.

We understand that choosing an ECE Centre is a very important and personal decision. This process is often as tough (if not tougher) for parents and whanau as it is for children, and it is our job to help you understand how we work, and our approach to early education, in order for you to be able to make an informed decision in choosing the Centre that is right for you and your family.

More about WanaExcel
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Why WanaExcel?

What makes us different?

WanaExcel differentiates itself from its competitors by combining unique, innovative, state-of-the-art environments, optimum child : teacher ratios, highly qualified, hand-picked teaching teams, extensive curriculum planning and development and vast excursion programmes to create a service that is unmatched by others in the country. 

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We UnderStand...

that each child encompasses diverse opportunity and capacity and is born with a naturally occurring enthusiasm to learn.

We design...

and implement an educational culture that maximises enthusiasm, values and promotes diversity, allows each child’s individual capacity to be exercised and emphasises the learning of fundamental skills that are required to be successful in today's world.

We create...

a working environment that attracts a top-quality teaching team who share the ethos of the brand, are passionate about achieving excellence and are motivated to excel in the industry.

We deliver...

a knowledge-rich curriculum in conjunction with effective teaching that is continuously developed and refined to meet advancing educational demand.

We're unrivalled...

matching high quality education with exceptional service to create an ECE service that is in high demand to those who value, and are prepared to invest in their children's early education.

Our Approach

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