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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Who can I talk to? If I have any questions, who do I ask?

An important feature of WanaExcel’s success is the partnership we build with children, and their parents, whanau/family and caregivers.  We love to share in your child’s journey both at home and at the Centre so will take every opportunity to talk to you about your child. If you have specific things you would like to discuss in a more formal way, please let us know and we’ll make a time that suits.

Can I access 20 hrs ECE subsidy if my child attends WanaExcel?

Yes, we offer 20 hours subsidised education with hourly/daily rates payable beyond these for children 3 years and over.  A parent contribution is also requested to compensate for the higher standards we provide and covers food costs and miscellaneous items such as our regular trips, sunblock etc. We strongly recommend all children attend a minimum of 3 x 4 hour sessions per week to gain the most from our Centre with the regularity of full daily attendances leading up to school life being optimum for your child’s success.

Can I change or increase my hours/days as necessary if my workload increases?

At WanaExcel we are here for you and will do our utmost to accommodate the needs of your family.  Please feel free to ask if we can be of any assistance and we will do our best to make it happen within our licensed child numbers and hours of operation.

What if my child gets sick or gets hurt during the day?

If a child becomes unwell during the day, we will care for them away from the other children and contact a caregiver to pick them up as soon as possible to avoid them having any more contact with other children to help prevent the spread of sickness.  If your child has been vomiting or had a diarrhoea bug, we ask that you keep them away for at least 48 hours from their last incident. The Team at WanaExcel are competent and trained in First Aid to deal with minor injuries.  An Accident Register is kept of all treatments and injuries that occur and these are monitored so our Health and Safety Policy and Practices can be adjusted accordingly.

Will my child get sick when they start care?

At WanaExcel we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of hygiene to prevent the spread of infection with good hand washing practises, professional cleaning routines and a state of the art oxygen exchange system.  Your child may be exposed to common childhood illnesses earlier than school but often younger children cope with these and develop an early immunity.

Am I able to continue to breast feed my baby once they start care?

Yes, in fact we encourage it!  We have created a special place in our Centre for mothers who are breastfeeding to come and share this special time with their babies. Bottle fed babies also love to see their Mum during the day so feel free to join us.  We are happy to call you when your baby is hungry if you live or work within a close proximity.

This is my first experience of choosing care for my child – How do I know my child will have quality interactions and experiences?

At WanaExcel we know this is a big step for families and we acknowledge your fears and are happy to answer as many questions you may need answers for.  We adopt an Open Door Policy at all times and you are free to come and visit with your child at the Centre as often as you wish even after they are enrolled.  We are confident our experienced trained staff will make you and your child feel comfortable and excited about joining us.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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