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Sharyn & Murray

My idea of ‘learning through life’ certainly used to gain some raised eyebrows when I first started primary teaching in the days when education was traditional and structured.   Back then, my teaching style was thought to be a 'little outside the box' – always a busy, happy environment where music played in the background and children confidently tackled hands-on experiences.  Not much time was spent at their desks and they were often in small groups or had taken themselves off somewhere to work independently fully immersed in their learning. There was room for each child regardless of their age or stage to develop in their own way to reach their best potential.

Now thirty years on, with a wealth of teaching and mentoring experience in all levels of education;  from primary to infants and pre-schoolers which led to the development of a private primary school, through to running a pilot programme for elite secondary school sport students and back again, I know I was on to a good thing, right from the start!

Everyone has the power to achieve great things if they are given the right circumstances, the right time and the right space to do so. I look forward to a new journey and working alongside your  family at WanaExcel.

In the past thirty years, my husband Murray has always worked tirelessly alongside me to create and maintain our inspiring learning environments.  His meticulous standards and unwavering support can always be relied upon at each stage of our development and his straight forward approach keeps us all on track should we start to wander!

Josh Thomas

“Growing up in a family involved in all aspects of education, I have been constantly surrounded by people of all ages, from all walks of life. Taking time to interact with people; learning about their lives, listening to their lessons, and understanding what they wish to achieve is a concept that has been taught to me from day one and is something that has had a substantial influence on my approach to education. I am passionate about children developing a love for learning at an early age and am dedicated to creating/developing an environment that provides opportunities for all children to do just that”

Jordanah Thomas

On my first school report at only five years old, my teacher wrote “Jordanah has the personality and skills to lead others and be a good role model - perhaps a teacher in the making?”

Interestingly enough as the years went by, teaching became the obvious path for my future and having completed my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education I bring energy, innovation, expectation and passion to the children at WanaExcel.

Being surrounded by education and competitive sports my whole life; I have grown up valuing the importance of drive, determination and a strong work ethic. Competing and coaching in Cheerleading to an international level has taught me that love and passion for what you do, combined with these values, leads to success. The journey of WanaExcel is the realisation of my life dream. “When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.”

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